Intelligent Tour Assistant System

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The roll-call has become the biggest annoyance in the tour group. The Intelligent Tour Assistant System developed by Shanghai QinLu and Xi’an HuaFan can help the tour guide make a rapid, accurate statistics of the number of people to the designated location to detect the absence of tourists, and contact with the them immediately.

This can greatly reduce the waiting time of tourists, and the roll-call can be finished in a few seconds; Using this system, the travel company also can centralize and unify the management of visitor information, and grasp the real-time location and travel path of the tour guides and tourists in the travel process, to facilitate the timely processing emergencies.


  • The mobile number of tourists is no need to be input manually to the phone by the guide;
  • The roll-call can be finished in only a few seconds;
  • Calling the absent tourists and mass texting to every tourists can be finished by once press;
  • The centralized and unified the management of visitor information for travel company;