“COTTM was an excellent show and very helpful for our development in the future”

Lu Zhang, Operation Manager

“COTTM is a very comprehensive outbound travel show. The COTTM conference is very practical and motivational and provides valuable future direction. COTTM 2016 was very successful and I am looking forward to next year’s show”

Kary Song, Outbound Travel Manager
China Youth Travel Service of Liaoning Province Co.,Ltd

"COTTM 2015 is well organised, providing a wonderful programme to meet the requirements of the Chinese professionals."

Deputy President - Mr Zhong Hui
Beijing Travel Agent Association

"COTTM as an outbound tourism professional B2B event, we appreciate the benefits of the show, which allows buyers to meet directly with qualified exhibitors. The COTTM conference during the exhibition provided very useful information about exhibitors." 

Outbound Travel Manager - Mr Wang Zhihao

"The exhibition was very good, there were lots of exhibitors and lots of new destinations this year and they have accelarated the development of our business. We have been in contact and co-operated with each other through COTTM 2015."

Outbound Travel Director - Ms Qiu Jin
Shanghai Lvmama Synwalk Travel Co Ltd
It has been proved yet again that COTTM is a professional platform for international travel and tourism suppliers to showcase their products and services to the leading Chinese outbound professionals. This well-established exhibition has now become the leading brand in the industry.
Mr Daibin, President
China Tourism Academy

Jettour has been cooperating with COTTM on this great project for 10 years now. As China’s leading outbound travel exhibition, which includes 100% B2B and 100% outbound tourism, COTTM provides the perfect platform. We intend to exhibit at COTTM 2015. 

Weiyi Yang
JETTOUR International Travel Service Co., Ltd

The exhibition provided business opportunities for both exhibitors and purchasers. It gave us a great platform to maintain this connection.

Chunli Song
Hebei China International Travel service co.,Ltd.

“The exhibitors at COTTM come from a wide range of difference destinations, such as Europe, America, Asia, the Middle East and Africa so the products are diversified. In addition, we can source luxury travel, independent travel and business travel, COTTM is worth visiting!”

Jessie Xiao, Managing Director
Globaltour Group Inc.

“Our partners are interested in COTTM because it is a B2B exhibition and the show is excellent”.

Alex Liu, Outbound Travel Manager

"Through COTTM 2015, I met with suppliers from all over the world which met my business requirements, through vary valuable face-to-face communication. Furthermore, the COTTM Conference was extremely helpful."

Outbound Travel Manager - Mr Wu Qinwei
Jiangsu China Travel Service Co Ltd

"COTTM made a great contribution with high-end/luxury destination suppliers and Chinese outbound tour operators, who had the chance at the show to communicate directly with each other. COTTM 2015 also provided a very good opportunity for learning, understanding and exchanging ideas with each other in China's outbound tourism industry."

COO - Mr Guo Ming
HH Travel

"We are very glad that we were able to meet so many high-end suppliers through COTTM and we are very happy to be a partner of the event to share the opportunites of China's outbound tourism development."

President - Mr Yang Ning
COTTM 2014 provided a series of professional aspects. Due to the specialisation of the event, it provided us with the important procurement channels. During this exhibition, we established a long-term cooperation with the travel agencies and hotels of the Seychelles.Furthermore, we started to develop off-line marketing activities with them! We are looking forward to attending next year.
MEIYA E-Commerce International Business
Travel Service Co., LTD
COTTM’s 10th Edition provided opportunities of face to face communication, discussion and cooperation with Chinese outbound tour operators at this professionaloutbound tourism platform. We, Hua Yuan Travel Agency, are one of the key exhibitors supplying the outbound tourism industry. As a VIP purchaser we had face to face interactions with high level VIP visitors. We intend to exhibit at COTTM 2015.
Tony Ong
Hua Yuan International Travel Co., Ltd

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