Business Visa Invitation Letter

You can find more details below regarding the issuing of business visas.

From The Organiser

COTTM organiser, Tarsus Exhibitions and Publishing Ltd, is able to issue a business visa invitation letter in both English and Chinese (via Tarsus Exhibition Shanghai Company) to exhibitors. Such letters will be issued by the organiser within 1-3 working days upon request.

China Foreign Affairs Office

Some exhibitors may need a Confirmation Letter from the China Foreign affairs local office. Once requested by exhibitors, the COTTM organiser is able to apply for such a letter from Shanghai Municipal Foreign Affairs office. The Foreign Affairs office will need 5 working days to process such applications.

Any Questions?

All letters issued by the organiser or by the Foreign Affairs office are free of charge.

If you have any queries, please contact Jane Carter:, or Sarah Hu: