OUTBOUND TRAVEL NEWS - 8 December 2020

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Your snapshot of travel news from around the world, shared weekly with our community of Chinese travel buyers on the official COTTM WeChat Group.

On 27th November, the Paris Opera House officially opened its door to Tmall Global. On that night, the Opera House opened its first live broadcast to China, inviting Chinese tourists to visit the museum.


Recently, “Start again, Maldives - China Online Roadshow 2020” was officially launched. This online roadshow aims to increase the understanding of Chinese tour operators on the dynamics of the Maldives travel industry, and lay a foundation for the industry start-up after the epidemic recovery.


The “fast track” between China and Japan was officially launched on 30th November, taking the lead in business, and has begun to accept visa applications from “business channel”.


Etihad Airways announced on 29th November local time that it plans to resume the flight between Beijing and Abu Dhabi on 7th December.


Delta Airlines resumed its direct flights to China on 2nd December, providing passengers with more convenience and saving more time without having a stop in the third country - South Korea.


Korean Airlines said on 2nd December that Incheon-Tianjin route will be arranged one flight every Tuesday from 8th December. In addition, in order to expand passenger travel demand, Korean Airlines plans to change the route from Incheon to Zhengzhou to Incheon to Dalian from 18th December.


Please be aware - the links to the original articles will take you to Chinese language websites. We have translated the stories for you as in many cases a direct translation is not available.