Outbound Travel - Weekly News Updates 19 June 2020

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The Ministry of tourism and the Ministry of handicraft industry of Tunisia recently released a promotional video recording the whole journey of tourists from arrivals to departure. The video produced by the Tunisian National Tourism shows the regulations of health and social distance to the industry, and also shows the “Ready and Safe” epidemic prevention regulations, so as to make comprehensive preparations for the recovery of tourism industry.

Tunisian National Tourism 

A live show entitled “Maldives: the sun will shine again” was held recently through social media, using a virtual way to restart the tourism industry impacted by COVID-19. The live show, hosted by the Ministry of Maldives tourism and the PR company, lasted for four hours and attracted about 85.000 audiences from all over the world.


In order to restart domestic and international tourism in Israel, the Ministry of tourism and the Ministry of health of Israel have formulated a new standard for hotels. In order to meet the new standards, the hotels must maintain several baselines listed by the Ministry of health, which will also be regarded as the property safety of tourists.


Tourism destinations all over the world are pining their hopes on China to lead a recovery in tourism industry. According to a recent survey, 60% of Chinese people plan to travel this year, and more than 45% of them want to travel abroad.


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