SemiTrip: makes global restaurants more accessible to Chinese tourists

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By 2017, the number of outbound Chinese tourists had reached 130 million. According to Chinese outbound tourism statistics in 2017, Chinese tourists spent $109.8 billion on overseas traveling. Besides the three major consumptions flights, hotels and entertainments, many people haven’t noticed the fact that the Chinese tourists are spending more and more money on local restaurants.

According to China's official tourism survey, outbound catering consumption has become the fourth largest consumption; however, due to limited language skill and insufficient knowledge about the destination, Chinese tourists have trouble maintaining the quality of their outbound dinning, especially for independent travelers. Given this situation, some internet tourism companies started offering help for outbound dinning. Now, we are going to introduce the largest one of them: SemiTrip.

SemiTrip, founded in January 2016, is the first company to provide overseas dining services for Chinese tourists. By 2018, it has become the largest outbound restaurants supplier in China, possessing 70% market shares. The company adopts B2B mode, which means to integrate global restaurants resources gradually, and sell service products on online tourism platforms, including but not limited to Ctrip, Meituan Dianping, and Tuniu. “Major online tourism platforms acquire profit by flights, hotels, and entertainments; we only sell outbound dinning products, so the platforms are happy to corporate with us,” said Raison, the CEO of SemiTrip. “We started our business two years ago. Today, our service covers restaurants from more than 50 countries and 300 cities, and we receive about one thousand orders per day.”

SemiTrip provides restaurant reservations service for tourists. Customer service staffs will follow along each order to make sure their clients will show up on time, appropriately dressed. SemiTrip’s system will automatically send a message to clients two hours before the reservation time. If any unexpected circumstance occurs, SemiTrip will contact the restaurant as soon as possible to prevent unnecessary loss.

Also, SemiTrip offers set menu marketing service to global restaurants. “We can recommend the set menus of the restaurant to our clients.” Raison explained. “If the restaurant doesn’t have a set menu, we can help combine popular dishes into a set menu and sell it to our clients.” Tourists can directly order and purchase set menu from SemiTrip. Within one week after the meal, SemiTrip will settle the payment with restaurants according to prior agreement.

Moreover, if restaurants have vouchers or coupons, SemiTrip will sell the coupons to Chinese tourists on tourism platforms. Tourists will use e-coupon to consume in the restaurants. Besides, some restaurants will launch special menu or promotions for local festivals. SemiTrip will use its resources and platforms to help the restaurant get more Chinese customers.

Finally, the best part about joining SemiTrip—it’s free. Restaurant owners don’t need to pay any marketing fee to corporate with the largest outbound catering supplier in China. By submitting their basic information, restaurants can start the partnership with SemiTrip. Numerous statistics and reports show that Chinese outbound tourism catering is the most lucrative market. If you are a restaurant owner, don’t miss this great chance to obtain more customers and increase your restaurant’s revenue.