2023 Exhibitor List

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  • Qiankun Travel Service Limited liability Company
    • Stand: 510
Russia Qiankun International Travel Agency( Туроператор ЦЯНЬКУНЬ) Established in 2011, with a business license number of PTO 021556. The headquarters is located in St. Petersburg, the cultural capital of Russia, with a branch in Moscow and offices in Guangzhou. We have multiple employees, all of whom are experienced and meticulous Russian and Chinese guides, professional planning and operation personnel, and industry talents who have been engaged in public and business reception for a long time. Qiankun International Travel Agency is qualified for visa free entry and exit from Russia, and can handle personal travel invitations and visas. We maintain good cooperative relationships and business dealings with various star rated hotels, tourist bus companies, and restaurants in various regions of Russia, and have first-hand contact resources in Russia. We are a professional contact agency in Russia.
    • Stand: 315
Kazakhstan QTRIP International Travel Agency has a complete operating system, which can provide various products including regular sightseeing tours, high-end leisure tours, in-depth tours, small package tours, etc. to peers and social organizations, and can provide personalized travel services according to customer needs. . After years of continuous accumulation and unremitting efforts, we have It has the most comprehensive product line and the richest business operation experience in the outbound tourism service industry, and has standardized personal outbound travel services, customized business services for various organizations and organization and reception services for large conferences. From simple air tickets and hotel reservations to complex overseas business visits, from a single conference and exhibition From reception to the planning and implementation of large-scale conferences and exhibitions organized by various institutions, we are able to provide customers with thoughtful and satisfactory service needs.
  • Quark Expeditions
    • Stand: 260